You went too far Drake

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    Dean Winchester + text posts

    I can relate to all of these 0:

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    This is so true! His gestures/facial expressions though. Yum.

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  1. Cheer up Charlie!

    I had a big with two of my closest friends last night, and it made me realize A LOT of things. Plus I learned a few things I really already knew. Like that I have every right to love myself. Not the me that I show everyone else, but the real ME. That I don’t have to worry about losing my friends, or the people who really care about me if I stick up for myself and be who I am. Another thing I learned, lying to cover your pain and unhappiness, or lying to keep someone from being unhappy makes them unhappy. Especially if they know you’re lying, and have to worry if they’ve hurt you or who is hurting you enough to make you unhappy. Talking and being completely open is the best thing for any relationship, romantic or platonic. If someone you KNOW is ALWAYS truthful tells you that they care, and that you are special, and they’ll never leave you no matter what, they mean it. Another thing is that no matter how painful the past is, you don’t need to ruin your present and your future because of awful people you once knew. Pride really does come before a fall, holding everything in because you can’t bear being thought weak, hurts you and the people who care about you. And a big one, hurting yourself, emotionally or physically never solves anything. Ever. No one deserves that. Learn to laugh and smile and love and let people in

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    I……like… LOVE girls. Girls are just the hottest creatures ever to walk to earth. No seriously……I love them. They’re so beautiful, and soft….and a lot of them taste like Mountain Dew and Starburst when you kiss them….(those are my favorite)

    But that’s all I just needed to share


    as you can see i take this show very seriously

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  3. amnhnyc:

    Look, #FossilFriday is smiling at you!

    This fossil is Diadectes phaseolinus, and it lived in the Early Permian, about 280 million years ago. The anthracosaurs that gave rise to the amniotes—true land animals with watertight eggs—probably looked something like Diadectes. Diadectes shows the general form of early amniote relatives: well developed limbs clearly capable of terrestrial locomotion, but a posture that is sprawling, not erect, like that of many later amniotes. What Diadectes ate is unknown, but it had complex, molarlike teeth and may have been a plant-eater. 

    This fossil is located in the Museum’s Hall of Vertebrate Origins

    i’m sorry to disturb your blogging with all the pretty that is Dean’s flirting.

    I’m okay with this :3

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  4. I think I may have accidentally sent the last ask before it was ready...but how do you make a taurus male like you and how can you tell if he likes you? Thanks! Love your blog btw!!!


    Oooooo! Hehe :P

    Thanks for the love! <3

    Signs he likes you -

    He can be shy around you, his smiles just look very… genuine, and he’s just very cautious around you. When he does realize he loves you, then he’ll act, well, lovesick. He might even do some intimate gestures and being overly protective. He’ll also give you lots of meaningful gifts!

    How to attract him -

    To attract a Taurus man, show him that you are capable of being responsible! Let him know that you are very organized and money-wise. Also, be honest with him. Tauruses also aren’t ones to be totally into unique and weird tricks, so being practical should be perfectly fine with him.

    Be romantic and sensual. These men are ruled by Venus, so that should make sense to you.

    Tauruses are quite traditional, too, so Taurus men may be a bit controlling over women. If you’re going to talk to him about it, don’t make a huge fuss and tell him in the most rational way. If they understand the situation and know your feelings are being hurt by their more controlling ways, they should be quick to stop.

    Rushing a Taurus and straight out telling them they are wrong are big no-nos!

    I can say all that from experience

  5. The Signs Angry


























    Oh yes.

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